Electromagnetic Corrosion Protection FAQ's


Will the Tricare electromagnetic corrosion module drain my car battery?

The module does not drain your vehicle battery. It only draws 1/3 of 1 milliamp to power the technology which is 40 times less power than any other module on the market.


Can I take the Tricare electromagnetic corrosion module with me to my next vehicle?

That depends on your contract. If your warranty contract has a Transfer Section then it is at the written discretion of the Warranty Centre. Please contact our warranty administrator at 1-800-952-9058 or email them at [email protected].


Has the Tricare electromagnetic corrosion protection technology been tested by independent, non-biased agencies or organizations?

YES, the Tricare electronic corrosion protection module underwent extensive additional testing between 2002 and 2004 at the government's request. It is proven that it does indeed help to inhibit corrosion. Tests show a 98% to 99.7% reduction in corrosion on automotive sheet metal panels.

For a complete list of testing organizations, see our Lab Tested page.


What do I do if the module light does not come on when I press the test button?

Check the connections in your vehicle then the module inline fuse, if light still does not come on bring your vehicle back to your selling dealer.


My car already has some rust; will the Tricare electromagnetic corrosion module help?

Yes, the module will slow down the process of rust even if there is rust present before installation.


Will my pacemaker be affected by the Tricare electromagnetic corrosion module?

No, the module delivers a totally safe (RF) radio frequency no different than your car's radio.  It will not affect a pacemaker.